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Wild Rumpus Clothing

Custom Item Design Fee

Custom Item Design Fee

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Q: What can I order as a Custom Item?

A: Whatever you want from my current fabric stash. Maybe you saw a previous item/style/print that stood out to you in the past. We will create something special just for you! And I have A LOT of fabric! 

Q: How many Custom Listings are available?
A: No more than 3 listings will be available at a time. When a custom is completed, another will be opened. 

Q: Do discounts work on customs?
A: No. Due to the time consuming nature of customs, no discounts can be applied at this time.

Q: How much are Custom items?
A: Customs are ordered via this $30 design fee listing. This fee is to cover the time designing your piece, patterns, fabric options, etc. After we've decided on your design, you will be invoiced separately for the cost of your item. I will always be upfront about item costs, you can always give me a budget & we can work on your custom that way as well. 

Q: When do I pay for my item after it is designed?
A: Full payment is due upon completion of the design, prior to the start of bringing it to life.

Q: Is shipping included for customs?
A: Shipping is not charged for this design fee listing, shipping will be charged on your final invoice for the final outfit.

Q: How long will my custom item take?
A: This depends on a few things but I would say an average of 3-6 weeks. Sometimes sooner, sometimes longer.

Q: Can I order more than one item with my custom listing?
A: You can order a couple of the same item(example: matching sets), an outfit set or a mini capsule. There is a max of 4 items per custom listing.

Q: What if I decide I don't want my Custom Item after designing?
A: Since Design Fees are for the time that goes into designing your perfect item, they are non-refundable. For this reason I suggest that you contact me before you purchase if you have a print that you're specifically looking for or if you have a strict budget.

Q: What styles do you offer?
A: SOOO many styles!! I am always adding new styles. There are a few times when styles are retired and will be unavailable for customs. 

Q: What fabric do you have?
A: HA! A better question would be what fabric do I not have. In all honesty, I have SO much fabric with so many options! Have a prints, theme, style or color-way in mind? I probably have something that will fill that need! Photos are always provided during our design process.

Q: Can adult items be made for a custom?
A: Yes. But adult pieces require a lot more fabric and are priced accordingly. Have a style or something in mind? I can always price things ahead of time. 

Q: How long do I have to decide what I want? 
A: Once communication has begun, you will have 4 days to finalize your custom items. Failure to do so will result in a loss of the $30 design fee as well as your spot in line for customs. 

Q: Can I send you fabric?
A: Due to safety regulations on children's clothes I cannot accept fabric.

Q: Another shop made "xyz"... Can you make it?
A: Sorry, no.

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